Monday 11 October 2010

Little People Poster

Get involved in the project by Little People spotting. Find a little person, photograph it in the place you find it and send the photo to


"I'm just a selection of pixels in your made up world."
"When you look at the camera it becomes full of conflict and challenge."
" I don't know where to put my ears as you talk in the street on your telephone."

Facebook and Little People

Think I just fell upon a very different way of developing a Little People set. If I ask people on Facebook if I can use their images to create a series of poses of them to be changed into little people stickers how does this alter the meaning? For one they are consenting rather than simply being snapped as in the other pictures. The images have no physicality to me, having being uploaded by others and documenting a time and a location I may not have witnessed. My only experience of it is through the screen. Each person may appear in a sticker set several times or a sticker set may be dedicated entirely to them. This must mean something about celebrity, prolification of our image and how we mediate this through such spaces as facebook.

Little People coming to a village near me

Working on a new set of Little People stickers gathered from cities. Will head off later today armed with tiny envelopes of said people and a camera to place the little ones around the village of Cuddington and Sandiway. Maybe there will be a prize of a signed print or something if people manage to find one and photograph it for themselves.